!Bienvenidos Amigos!

Quality Street style Mexican food


Dear Friends

We would like to thank our loyal customers, our friends, nuestros amigos, who have enthusiastically supported us through the years! Starting out on the East Side in a taco truck in 2002 and eventually making our way over to the West Side into our first restaurant in 2009 in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, you have always been there, thank you! ¡Gracias! Providing a quality Mexican food experience at an affordable price has always been important to us and we will continue to keep this as part of our focus as we continue entertaining you!



Open 7 days a week

Capitol Hill

100 E Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98122



(Limited menu)

211 NE 45th St
Seattle, WA 98105


Capitol Hill

1001 E Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122



Sun – Tue | 10:30am – 10:30pm

Wed – Thur | 10:30am – Midnight

Frid – Sat | 10:30am – 3am



211 NE 45th St Seattle, WA 98105

No Phone


Sun – Thur | 10:30am – 10:30pm

Fri – Sat | 10:30am – 3am



Delivery | Pick-Up | Food Truck
Patio Capitol Hill Rental (May – August only)

Call in orders to 206-661-1346

Deliveries, Pick Up or Food Truck Menu Options


Taco Bar

 Includes 2 tacos (family style or prepared), choice of two meats and our veggie option. All the fixings for a taco, including rice, beans, guacamole, chips, and salsa

$12 per person

Burrito Bar

Bravo Burrito (family style or prepared) choice of two meats, and our veggie option. All the fixings for a Bravo burrito, including rice, choice of beans, guacamole chips and salsa

$13 per person

Enchilada Bar

 Two casserole style enchiladas for each guest. Choice of two meats and the veggie option, rice, choice of beans, chips, guacamole, and salsa.

$13 per person

Meat Choice

Steak, Shredded Beef, Chicken, Shredded Chicken, Mole Chicken (contains gluten), Pulled Pork Carnitas, Seasoned Pork Al Pastor, Chorizo, Fish (Tilapia), Veggie Mix*, Avocado Slices, Guacamole, Queso Fresco (enchilada option), Lengua, Tripa

*Shredded Carrot, Zucchini, Bell Pepper, Mushroom and Eggplant


Bean Choice

Black Beans (V), Pinto Beans, Small Pan Beans

$20 sm - 20 (4 oz) servings




Small Pan Rice
(Yields approximately 15 4-oz servings)


Small Pan Meat of your choice
(Yields approximately 28 2-oz servings)


Small Pan Veggie Mix
(Yields approximately 20 4-oz servings)


Large Pan Chips

(serves about 15-20 people)




Bowl Guacamole 16oz


Bowl Pico de Gallo


Bowl Sour Cream 16oz


Bowl Escabache


Bowl Jalepeno Slices




A la carte



Taco salad


R&B bowl




Hard shell taco


Bravo burrito


Rancho burrito


Small quesadilla


Large quesadilla



Beverage Menu

Alcoholic Beverages

RBT Sangria
Choice: Classic or Mixed Berry Limoncello
(per 1.5 gal / serves 15-20)


Corona Bottle, Negro Modelo


Tecate Can, Rainier Can (16oz)


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Bottle Sodas (16oz)
Mexican Coke, Diet Coke, Orange Soda and Jarritos


Bottle Spring Water (16oz)



$24.00 gallon / $2.80 16oz

Agua di Piña

$24.00 gallon

Agua de Jamaica

$24 gallon

Iced Tea/Lemonade

$15.00 gallon

Catering/Truck Minimums

We require the following minimums, before tax and gratuity. If your total is less than the minimum, please consider a delivery or pick up order from one of our other fabulous locations.


There is a minimum gratuity of 15% on large takeout orders

Truck Catering Minimums:

$900 plus tax Monday-Thursday

$1250 plus tax Friday and Saturday

$150 minimum service fee. Add a $1.00 for each guest over 150

There is a minimum 18% gratuity on all events

Sunday may be available with advanced notice

We are available to cater your private event as early as 12:00 PM, Monday – Saturday and anytime Sunday.

If your event is especially large, we may be able to adjust our available hours. All pricing is based on a two-hour service window. WA Sales tax and 18% gratuity are not included. Standard truck service, order and pickup and all service products.

If you would like something special, just ask!

—Please Read —

We ask for the estimated guest count in order to invoice you and collect a 50% deposit. The guest count can be raised but may not be reduced once the deposit is made.

The final guest count and any service changes need to be finalized at 7 days prior to event. If your event is canceled: All cancellations must be made in writing. More than 60 days prior to your event date, the full deposit will be refunded. 30-60 days prior to your event, 50% of deposit will be retained by Rancho Bravo Tacos. Less than 30 days prior to your event, full deposit will be retained by Rancho Bravo Tacos. Pricing excludes 10.1% Seattle Sales Tax

For deliveries or pick up orders: Vegetarian and gluten-free available upon request. • All food is packed in aluminum trays for easy transport and to retain heat. • Delivery charge is $50.00. Subject to change based on delivery location. • Prices do not include tax or gratuity. Need something different than our mobile food truck catering service? We have carryout options that can be customized to fit your needs.

or call  in orders to 206-661-1346


Hiring Our Food Truck

Required Parking

Please make sure that we have a parking area for your event that meets the following criteria:

  • It’s on private property
  • The desired parking is almost flat and the route to your location has minimal hills (less than 25% grade)
  • The parking area is available up to two hours prior to the start of your scheduled service time.
  • Parking Area is a least 28’ long x 15’ wide with 14’ height clearance
  • If you require street parking, it is your responsibility to obtain a Temporary Vending Permit from the city. RBT will need proof of this permit prior to the event.
  • The client is responsible for verifying the above requirements. If for any reason Rancho Bravo Tacos is unable to park at the event, all payments for the event will be retained by Rancho Bravo Tacos in full.

Our Company

Rancho Bravo Tacos started out as a food truck on the East Side in 2002. Since then, we have grown into four locations in Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Fremont and now on the Ave near the University of Washington. Our belief is that good food does not have to be expensive to be good. Most of our menu is made from scratch, from our salsas to our tamales, from our horchata to our pozole. We appreciate good value as much as you do and that’s why we make it our goal to offer a quality Mexican food experience at an affordable price! We genuinely enjoy making people happy:) Please let us know about your experience dining with us, we want to make it a good one!

Thanks again!
¡Muchisimas gracias!

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